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   The Rise and Fall of Luna Loveless is a stop motion and digital rotoscope film. The film was originally intended to be a 2020 Undergrad thesis film by Brittany Grissom to finish her education in animation at the Kansas City Art Institute. Due to the Covid-19 closure of campus studios, the film was never fully realized.

   Luna Loveless 2022, however, is a bigger and better version than the 2020 original. 



  Luna is a small-time banjo player with dreams of becoming a star. After getting heckled onstage by the audience one night, Luna has to face the fact that her lack luster appearance is holding her back.
  Devastated backstage, she is approached by a mysterious man. He promises her fame and glamour- but in exchange for her soul.

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 8.11.41 AM.png
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