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    Brittany is an American artist from small town in Tennessee. From an early age, she was always interested in storytelling and how illustration plays an integral role in sharing the narratives she wanted to tell. Whether it was pumping out crayon ridden story books, or stealing her moms socks to make puppets, this visual interest in expressing story matured with her in her art practice. Brittany would go on to get her BFA with an emphasis in Animation from the Kansas City Art Institute. While there, she explored many different mediums in narrative such as writing, illustration, and a myriad of animation methods.

In the wake of the 2020 studio closures, Brittany was unable to finish her senior graduation film. Two years later she decided to revisit the idea and make it in full confidence, 
uncompromising. 'The Rise and Fall of Luna Loveless', now released in 2022, is her first film.

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